Junction Life

The story of the Junction is an historic tale of railroads, politics, and development.

Throughout the 20th century, the Junction thrived, but held fast to traditional values that saw many craftsmen, steelworkers, manual labourers, and their families, set up shop in the area.

Today, a respect for tradition remains, albeit, interpreted in a fresh new way for the 21st century, the Junction is still a special place where quality and craftmanship are respected. Where a sense of community radiates from every shop, every corner, every smile.

Artists. Entrepreneurs. Design shops. Craft brewers. Small batch bakeries. Purveyors of vintage. Character-filled diners. It is a place where you can stumble upon some of the city's best new restaurants and bars. It is a neighbourhood where diversity, curiosity, and authenticity thrive. And with the introduction of DUKE, the Junction continues to evolve and grow.