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Favourite spot in the Junction: The intersection of Dundas and Keele. The vibrant atmosphere that emerges from this spot reflects the range of activities that shape communities and bring neighbourhoods together.

TAS believes that great cities are shaped by a strong vision, one that continuously pushes the boundaries of innovation. As city builders, they take pride in their ability to create and contribute to the built environment in such a way that strengthens neighbourhoods, and facilitates community cohesion. By connecting diverse partners and investing in socially innovative enterprises, TAS buildings reflect the modern concept of what it means to live urban. TAS is especially excited to launch DUKE, a labour of love in a neighbourhood that mirrors the team's ethos of quality, community, and design.

Architect + Interior Design
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Favourite spot in the Junction: The intersection of High Park Avenue at Dundas, where the wide, tree-lined residential boulevard ends with a collection of some of the neighbourhood's best family friendly shops, food, and nightlife hotspots.

Quadrangle Architects Limited is among Canada's most dynamic architectural firms. For almost 30 years, their creative vision has helped shape the realities of the Toronto skyline. Their portfolio illustrates a diversified client list that includes major players in the residential, commercial, retail, content media, and hospitality industries. They approach architecture as an exercise in creative problem solving, and see each project as an opportunity to create a lasting monument to timeless design. With DUKE, Quadrangle hopes to introduce a new façade to the Junction, but one that fits seamlessly within the neighbourhood's current streetscape.

Mason Studio
Interiors, Sales Centre
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Favourite spot in the Junction: Vine Avenue is our getaway in the Junction. A tree-lined street with buildings that are filled with fascinating stories to tell.

Mason Studio is a Toronto-based interior design studio creating spaces at the junction of art, graphics, objects, and technology. The team is dedicated to crafting immersive environments to challenge the habitual observations of the everyday. Their working model is based on collaborative strength, bringing together the sharpest minds and steadiest hands, to help bring each project vision to life. Partners Ashley Rumsey and Stanley Sun have a great understanding of, and respect for, Canadian design, and they pay tribute to the local creative professionals who contribute their talents to every Mason project. The Studio's location, in the heart of the Junction, makes them uniquely qualified to help introduce DUKE to the market, and ensures that the spirit of the eclectic neighbourhood is preserved in the building's design.

Paul Johnston, Unique Urban Homes
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Favourite spot in the Junction: A stroll along Vine Avenue – because it's truly a perfect street. It's a magnificent example of "live, work and play", created entirely organically. On the south side, there's a great mix of family homes with an unexpected splash of modern. And on the north, there are some handsome industrial buildings duly preserved. Then, near its western end is a gentle urban playground and park. Perfect.

Paul Johnston is a leading Toronto agent, at the forefront of new and progressive modern housing in the city. Paul and his team represent developments rich in architectural significance, with expertise ranging from luxury single family homes, to contemporary townhome developments and striking mid-rise buildings. Paul believes that good design is essential to good living, and that the city deserves architecture that is reflective of the times in which we live: bold yet graceful homes, crafted of fine materials, that celebrate the joys of modern living.